Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Welcome to the PHD Blog! Here you can find all the information what the People Health Development Association stands for.

PHD is a non-political, secular, non-profit, local non-govermental organization (LNGO).
It was established by a group of youth and students. PHD not only works with young people, but also for young people in attempt to estabilish a positive social change by improving and promoting participation in Cambodian social issues. PHD works with the Cambodian government and local communities to promote sustainable development, poverty reduction, and positive attitudes regarding human rights, gender relations, health education and youth empowerment.
By making the youth aware of Cambodian social issues they want to provide the youth basic knowledge about sexual and reproductive health, such as prevention and protection from disease, and also knowledge about gender equality and gender based violence.
So in the end they can improve the quality of life of all people. 

Please keep visiting this blog and you will get updated about the latest PHD projects and activities that is going on here in Cambodia. If you have questions or want to know more about the PHD projects and activities, just contact us!
Mobile Phone: (855-12) 838 619, (855-16) 456 800