About Association

Background Information: PHD was established in August 2005 by a group of youth and students. It is a non-political, secular, non-profit, local non-governmental organization (LNGO) (Sub- Degree on October 07 2005 by Ministry of Interior).
PHD's Vision:
PHD works with and for young people to create positive social change by improving and promoting youth participation in Cambodian social issues. PHD is committed to the dignity and freedom of all members of society and seeks to improve the quality of life of all people, specifically those made vulnerable by poverty and living with HIV/AIDS. PHD works with the Cambodian government and local communities to promote sustainable development, poverty reduction, and positive attitudes regarding human rights, gender relations, health education and youth empowerment.
Legal Status:
 The Ministry of Interior registers PHD as an independent non-governmental organization through an authorization letter-Reference No.996 Ch/N- issued.

Mission and Objectives:
1.To provide youth and families basic knowledge on Sexual and Reproductive Health,
   Safe Sex, Safe motherhood, and HIV/AIDS transmission;
2.To engage Cambodian youth in positive social efforts, such as prevention and
   protection from disease;
3.To reduce prevalence and mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS in female population;
4.To promote gender equality among youth, presenting young women with opportunities
    to actively participate in social work;
5.To increase political, community, and familial support for youth SRH interventions;
6.Enable youth to participate in development and implementation of policies and plans that
   promote improved sexual and reproductive health and gender equality and prevent
   gender based violence, STD's including HIV/AIDS, and drug-related harm.

Projects to Date
  • Men Engagement to Stop Violence against Women Project,
    funded by UN-Trust Fund (UNIFEM) through CARE International.
  • Youth Initiative Project (YIP), funded by Staying Alive Foundation (MTV).
  • Youth Engagement to Stop Violence Against Women (YES)      Project, through ICT (Information Communication Technology), funded by MDG3/APC through Open Institue Organization.
Past Funding Resources and small grant activities:
  •       Reproductive Health Initiative for Young Urban Male Project
       (RHIYUM), funded by
  •      USAID through CARE International in Cambodia
  •       CARE International in Cambodia
  •       Karol & Setha of Marikol Organization in Cambodia
  •       Multilateral UNFPA
  •       UNICEF through UNESCO Cambodia (provided basic training       
       on HIV/AIDS)
  •       Gender and Development of Cambodia (GAD/C)
  •       Levi Strauss Foundation through CARE International (for 
       conducting large scale health promotion and drug training)
Networking: PHD works at the grass roots level with local youth associations and youth networks in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It establishes youth clubs and learning centers to promote youth participation in sexual and reproductive health education, HIV/AIDS awareness, and gender equality efforts through training sessions, group discussion, workshops and other activities initiated by community volunteers. The role of members includes staying informed on the Cambodia’s social issue and inviting youth to awareness events. PHD serves as an umbrella organization, designed to connect youth groups working with a similar mission. PHD works closely with Networking of Asian Pacific Youth (NAPY), UN Youth Advisory Panel in Cambodia, Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS, Asian Pacific Conference on Tobacco (APACT), and other local NGOs, youth clubs and youth associations at partner universities.
Local Partnerships:
  •       Khmer Youth Association (KYA)
  •       Youth Resource Development Program (YRDP)
  •       Youth Star Cambodia (YSC)
  •       CARE International in Cambodia
  •       Gender and Development of Cambodia (GAD/C)+ Cambodia 
       Men Network
  •       Ministry of Women’s Affairs (MoWA)
  •       Ministry of Education Youth and  Sport (MoEYS)
  •       National AIDS Authority (NAA)
  •       HIV/AIDS Coordinating Committees (HACC)
  •       Phnom Penh Municipal Health Department (MHD)
  •       9 referral partners (Government Clinics, NGOs Clinics and 
       Private Clinics)
  •       10University partners
  •       Cambodia Movement of Health (CMH)
  •       RHAC
  •       CHEMS
  •       Karol & Setha of Marikol Organization
  •       UN Youth Advisory Penal of UN Country Team
  •       Vol-cam Network meeting on Volunteerisms
  •       UN Youth Advisory Panel ( UNYAP)
International Partnerships: 
  • Global Talking Youth Network
  • MOVAH (Movement Advocacy for Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health (ASRH)Programmed through Youth initiative of Japanese Organization for International cooperation in family planning (JOICFP)
  • International Youth Centre of Malaysia (IYC)
  • Networking with 5th International Youth Committees on Asia Pacific Conference  
  • Reproductive Sexual Health and Rights (APCRSHR)   UN Jointed program ( UNDP, UNFPA,UNV and UNIFEM), Partner for Prevention (P4P)